David Harlow’s experience in both the public and private sectors over the past thirty years affords him a unique perspective on legal, policy and business issues facing the health care community.  Health care providers, vendors and payors of all shapes and sizes rely on him to help them navigate the maze of regulatory and business issues facing them on a daily basis, from the evergreen to the novel.

David is adept at assisting clients in structuring their business organizations, relationships and processes, as well as approaches to individual transactions, administrative proceedings, formal and informal negotiations with regulatory agencies, and legislative strategies, so as to maximize the realization of organizational goals in a highly regulated environment.  David’s law and consulting practice serves clients across a broad range of organizations and sectors of the health care industry, from the traditional to the leading edge.

His clients include acute and non-acute inpatient and outpatient facilities including academic medical centers, hospitals and nursing facilities, cancer treatment centers and diagnostic imaging facilities; ambulance services; physician group practices; individual physicians; complementary health care practitioners; vendors; suppliers; managed care organizations; and technology-enabled businesses and services that create bridges among health care providers and between the health care system and the consumer. He has worked with physician leaders and hospital executives in academic medical centers and community hospitals engaged in developing new paradigms for their relationships and designing mechanisms for clinical collaboration, including the structures, processes, and culture for constructive partnerships. He has obtained CMS approvals for gainsharing and global billing demonstration projects to promote such collaboration as well.

David emphasizes the practice of preventive law, anticipating potential flashpoints early in the course of a project, and working to avoid litigation or regulatory enforcement actions whenever possible.

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